Do you live in the area of our water board? Then you can vote on Wednesday 15 March for the general board of Waterschap De Dommel.

What does the water board do?

Water boards ensure that we keep our feet dry and that we have clean and sufficient water. There are 21 water boards in the Netherlands. Each water board takes care of its own area.

Water board De Dommel manages the water in the central part of the province North-Brabant. With approximately 500 employees, we work on clean, sufficient and safe water for 900,000 people in our area. We manage the (ground) water level and clean the sewage water. And we provide clean water in streams and ditches. Due to climate change we need to take extra measures, so that our water system will remain solid. Measures to protect against flooding and to ensure less damage from drought. This way you can live, work and recreate safely and pleasantly.

Where can I vote?

Shortly before the elections you will receive your voting pass by post. You will also receive a letter with the polling stations in your area. You must vote in your own municipality and water board.