Dutch people deal with water every day. Sometimes the water is too dirty or there is too much or little of it. Waterboard De Dommel has been involved in monitoring the quality of the surface water for many years and we manage water levels in the areas where we live and work. By deliberately giving rivers more space to flow, or even overflow naturally, we prevent floods in our rural areas. Regulating water levels is also of essential importance to our agricultural and recreational sectors. The areas in Noord-Brabant that have a sandy soil, suffer from a shortage of water. We are reducing this by keeping the water longer in certain areas in the region.

Working together for water, Waterboard De Dommel

Waterboard De Dommel is active throughout the entire Dommel river basin, from the Belgian border up to Den Bosch. Currently, there are almost one million inhabitants in this area. As a local authority, Waterboard De Dommel is dependent on your tax contributions, which enables it to continue working on efficient water management. In short: Waterboard De Dommel works, thanks to you.

No worries, we will keep it dry

The maintenance of rivers and streams ensures sufficient water drainage and abundant supplies of nourishment for both plants and animals in the water environment. One of the ways in which the waterboard contributes to this, is by mowing streambeds. As a measure against floods in our rural areas, enough space is given to the rivers and streams to overflow naturally at specified locations. Sometimes, water levels can cause problems. Dealing with these problems is the domain of the municipal authorities. The provincial authorities and the waterboards are closely involved in solving these problems and giving the necessary solutions.

Enough water for every need

By regulating the water levels in waterbodies, we can ensure that nature reserves and agricultural areas have a sufficient water supply. We implement various methods for retaining water in these areas, such as dams, allowing rivers to meander naturally, or by raising riverbeds.

It is wonderful that the water is getting cleaner and cleaner

It is in everybody’s interest that plants and animals can continue to live in our waters. That is why Waterboard De Dommel gives nature a helping hand by cleaning rivers and streams. The waterboard is regularly involved in removing waste from our waterbodies. This is sadly necessary, as inhabitants and visitors throw an annual average of 350 tons of (household) waste (including bicycles, car tyres, furniture, and even cadavers) into the water. In addition to this helping hand, we also allow streams to meander just as they did in the past. By creating differences in flow velocity and volume in rivers, we see an increase in the variety of animals and plants in the river environment.

More and more people are attracted by the water

Waterboard De Dommel believes that a healthy balance between nature and (water) recreation is of great importance. The waterboard is responsible for safeguarding that balance, including tasks such as issuing sailing and permits for canoeing etcetera.

Working with water

If you live on the water and you wish to make changes to the waterbed and/or embankment, please contact us for the necessary permits. Changes can be for instance with respect to: placing art works(divers, dams, etc.); or planting or carrying out (construction) works on the banks (within four meters of the surface water).

Discover the Dommel - join us on an excursion

Would you like to learn more about water? Discover the world of water purification or join us on a trip through the Dommel river basin. You can call the waterboard and ask about excursion opportunities.

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